life's a beach ... make some waves.

Member of the Wilmington Art Association Since 2017

My Story

New York City grabbed me at the age of 16 when I first set foot in the “Big Apple.” My mother laughed when I told her I would live there one day. Ten years later, almost to the day, I packed my truck and was on my way to Brooklyn to attend graduate school.

What my mother failed to realize was that while taking a scenic painting class in undergrad, I realized a career in theatrical set design in New York City was possible. I met a fellow North Carolinian/actor and we married in 1996. After 12 years of living the dream in the Eastern Metropolis, we decided to try out Hollywood for size.

While living in Los Angeles I returned to my photographic roots. My maternal grandmother owned every camera manufactured since the 1920s and she was my inspiration. While on a trip to South America with our church choir, using a Canon Powershot SD1000, I photographed some of the most magical pictures I have ever taken, including an exclusive night shot of Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Upon my return to Hollywood, I immediately bought a Canon Rebel, and the rest is history.

Our mutual decision to leave California and move back to Eastern North Carolina in 2019 made perfect sense for me and my husband. We arrived in Wilmington, NC, six months before the Covid pandemic took hold and had just enough time to make some great connections and meet new friends before locking down. Inspired by the diversity, creativity, and hospitality of the region, I am excited to experience all the opportunities available in the Hollywood of the east coast as I refine my artistic eye and hone in on my  photography skills.                                                                                                                                       

I don't take photos of humans, because they have a tendency to "muck" things up. I love the wildness of nature and the beauty of the world around me. Through my camera lens I hope to convey that beauty, and make art accessible to the masses. I’m also delighted to be back home where I was born. Please enjoy my work as you shop, download, print and start designing. Life is a beach; make some waves and remember …

“The World is your Flamingo, So Make it Bright!”

~ Karen Ipock, 2022

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